These sunnies are hot this summer

They were made in the 1930s with the intention of protecting air force pilots from glare while flying. However, public lapped it up when it was launched in the market, and instantly became popular. The shades, originally meant for men, are now a hit with women too. They are now available in various colours and lens sizes.

Suits: Round and oval faces
Chic, high-fashion and classy best describes these shades. In the 60s, these shades were mostly representative of the higher-class women. However, at present, they are worn by a large population.

Suits: Square, rectangle, round rectangular and heart shaped faces.
These unisex glasses, also known as tea shades, have small round lenses and a thin rim around it. These are in style since 1960’s, ever since Beatles made it popular.

Suits: Angular face
The glasses, offer higher sun protection and look great on both men and women. It enhances the jaw lines for those with an angular face. However, carry a bit of an attitude and pull it off with elan.

Wayfarers Sunglasses
Suits: Oval, square or rectangular faces
These glasses, which came back in fashion in 2000s, come in classic, as well as modern version. Originally made for men, off late it has become popular with women also.

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